At Pandora Bell we have traveled wide, far and back in time to bring you the best of European confectionery. Delight your senses with the most delectable sweets to be found.

We only use premium quality ingredients: real butter, honey, whole nuts, fleur de sel from Guérande and fine dark chocolate.

We are faithful to master artisan centuries old recipes. The salted butter caramels are made in traditional copper cauldrons.  Our handmade lollipops and candy canes are stretched and rolled completely by hand.

Indulge in the magic of Pandora Bell and let us guide you into history, with the purity and delicacy of our gourmet sweets.

Honey Nougat – Pandora Bell’s Nougat is soft and rich with the natural taste of honey and the crunch of nuts.

Real Fruit Jellies with 70% Fruit Pulp – The Fruitiest Jellies imaginable. Taste the tang of real strawberry, apricot, lemon, raspberry and pear.

Salted Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel – Succulent caramels with salted butter and the famous salt of Guérande. Pandora Bell’s caramels are made in the tradiional artisan way, in copper cauldrons.

Crumbly Fudge – Pandora Bell’s Fudge is rich and crumbly with a generous helping of butter. It is made traditionally, cooled naturally, and broken by hand.

Traditional Handmade Sweets – Pandora Bell’s Traditional Sweets are created through the artform of stretching and rolling sugar syrup. The only added extras, are natural colours and flavours, which give our sweets their classic sweetshop look and taste.

Handmade Lollipops & Candy Canes – Sugar, spice and hard candy … This timeless sweet treat goes back to a time when colours and flavours were natural. Pandora Bell’s Swirly Lollipops are made in the traditional way, by stretching and rolling sugar syrup.

Real Eggshell with Praline Chocolate – Chic, petite and delicious, Pandora Bell’s Real Eggshell with Praline Chocolate is the ‘must have’ indulgence for Easter. Pandora Bell has gone back to basics, taken a real chickens egg and filled it with the smoothest praline chocolate.