Our Natural Goat Milk Soap is handcrafted and cured over a number of weeks to create a truly exquisite soap. We use only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils to fragrance our soap.

All our products 100% Natural and Certified. We are also Chemical & Artificial Fragrance free.


About Luna Natural Soap Company Ltd.
Highly Trained, Highly Effective

I’ve been an avid soap-maker since 2010, when i stumbled across some cup cake soaps at a local market… I was hooked!!… I travelled to the UK to train in the art of soap-making. It was only when my son was born with eczema. His skin was constantly inflamed, itchy and very sore looking… I had gone through just about everything on the market and felt nothing was working, so i decided to create a soap just for him….

After around 6 months of trials I finally had a formula that worked… Goat Milk!!! Natural Unscented Calendula Goat Milk Soap to be precise…This soap was amazing!! I couldn’t believe the difference.. Gone was the red itchy sore patches to reveal beautiful soft radiant skin. I gave samples to friends & family that i thought could maybe make a difference in their skin and the results were fantastic.. my hobby soon turned into Luna Natural Soap Company Ltd. My Mission!! If my soap can calm the itchy flaky red skin, or even just make your skin feel silky smooth, radiant and squeeky clean… I will be a happy soaper!!