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Maryrose Creations

My name is Maryrose Whyte from Maryrose Creations.  I am originally from Galway but I have been living in Tipperary Maryrose Creations - handmade bagswith my family for over 20 years. I have always been interested in craft and design and started to design and make jewellery about 15 years ago. I continued to work with jewellery for 7 years until 2011 when I had some health issues.
I returned to design again in 2016 but my attention this time had turned to bag making. I started putting ideas on paper for a year whilst caring for my ill husband.  My husband passed away on St Stephens Day 2017 and whilst sorting his clothes with his three daughters, I decided to make bags for all of us using pockets from his jeans. The girls loved them and soon I was making bags for friends and friends of friends.
I work from home using my trusty Singer machine. I use a wide range of materials including leather, oilcloth, leatherette, heavy cotton, jacquard, linen and of course recycled denim. I love to mix colors and materials.
If you wish to contact me regarding my designs, my email address is and I can be contacted by mobile on 087-2620187.
Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Poppies Crafts

Poppies Crafts at the Craft Granary, Cahir.

Poppies Crafts at the Craft Granary, Cahir.

Started in September 2014, Poppies Crafts offers customers unique handmade designs to include; tissue box cover’s, brooches, lavender pouches, aprons, table napkins, handkerchief’s, cushions, christening bibs and other gift, all handmade and designed by Caitlin Rice. Whatever the celebration or occasion, Caitlin provides all her customers with excellent finished products that will add to home, birthday, Christmas, your place of business or that special occasion.
All Lavender products are filled with Caitlin’s own home-grown lavender that has a lasting aroma of approximately 4 years.
Our creative brooches include a range of colours in addition to our unique Irish Shamrock design that especially suits a special gift for family and friends living abroad or is a complimentary piece for St. Patrick’s Day.

Caitlin’s customers include; The Lord Bagenal Hotel and Alma’s Beauty Salon, Carlow, Kells Mill Craft Centre and Thomastown Country Markets, Co. Kilkenny. At various Events around the South of Ireland our customers have purchased gifts for their family and friends living abroad including, the U.S.A, Canada and Australia.
No order is too big or small and are available for order locally, nationally and internationally. For enquires or to place your order please contact Caitlin on;
 (059) 9146205 or (086) 3657718

*100% of ALL Sales goes directly to Charitable Organisations at home and abroad*

Faith Soap Creations


I have started creating my own soaps at home after several months of complaining of the hard water in Rural Ireland plus the desire of doing something productive while my children attend school (I have one in college already!)
When I started my first soap didn’t cross in my mind I would be this far!

I started it because I have wanted to feel good with myself … I started to dig deep into my desire for the perfect occupation, so I found Soap craft which includes a lot of creativity while finding the combination of cleansings and richness, something that will help my skin (and of my kids) becoming smoother, something that will smell wonderful, something that will be special and that I would be proud of…

I have been researching on soap quite a while now, between experiments, tears, failures and success. I have finally discovered my perfect combination of oils and milk, colour and texture, ingredients and fragrance.
Coconut and olive oil are my favourite oils which I combine with a very rich and creamy Irish goat’s milk or Natural yogurt or sometimes Coconut milk (Good news vegans!)

I discovered that the colours attract people, so I decided to make them more vibrant as I make new batches and experiment new fragrances, I only use Mica Colours from trusted Soap Suppliers (for those who don’t know, Mica are the colours used in Makeup, so they are skin friendly too!)

I have not ended my journey of experiments here, we are only starting!
I say “we” because I keep on involving my children in the processes of packaging, stamping and weighing etc. and they have learnt to appreciate the natural ingredients my eldest son has started to trust the properties on soap that he daily uses one (he prefers lavender since lavender fights acne and impurities in the skin). He brought them to college and sold some to classmates and to teachers!

My kids have been with me in fairs and festivals in Christmas sales and are happy to embrace this journey. 18 months now since we did our first sale!  we have been in fairs, festivals, Christmas sales and they are happy to embrace this journey can’t believe is 18 months now since we did our first sale !!…
I’m happy to know that someone can be benefited from the work of my hands and all those natural ingredients!

I have friends who come for oats and honey cause keeps eczema at margin, others prefer coconut for dry skin, others lavender for the calming properties, Blueberries for the antioxidants, essential oils because…
The list is endless!

Well and what about the bath bombs!?
• Kaolin clay is a fine and light clay that has natural absorbency properties. When applied on skin, mixed with a little warm water, it will soak up excess oils and stale sebum on the skin and within the pores.
• Mix a small amount of baking soda with water and massage onto your skin for about a minute. It will help naturally exfoliate and tighten pores as well as give the skin a lifted look. Rinse off with water.This is another natural way to tighten and lift and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

I could continue here forever!
Let’s abbreviating the whole thing:
“I love what I do and feel good within but, above all, I have met new people, I belong to existing craft groups, and made new friends!”

Just can’t wait for those new ones along the road!
You can find me on Facebook:


Hanna Van Aelst

Hanna Van Aelst is a basket maker and artist living in the lush green hills of Tipperary. Her baskets are made from willow she grows herself, selected for colour and flexibility.

Hanna runs regular basket making classes in her home village, Killoscully, and also travels to teach groups throughout Ireland.

Her sculptures are inspired by nature and our interaction with it. In her sculptures she explores our interconnectedness with nature and her healing force.



More of her work can be seen on her website



Moetena Design

Moetena Design is a jewellery brand that is inspired by nature and the contrast between natural and man-made materials. Each unique piece has been created and handcrafted by Irish designer Treasa Doocey at her Clonmel studio.
Treasa’s designs are inspired by the beaches and countryside of the south east of Ireland.
She collects driftwood and in her own unique way, combines this wild and natural material with coloured resins and precious metals transforming them into one of a kind pieces of jewellery.
From tiny miniature paintings mounted in silver, Irish Driftwood jewellery to contemporary statement pieces Moetena Design is truly unique handcrafted wearable art.

Meet the Maker
Treasa Doocey is a jewellery designer from Co. Tipperary. A childhood spent exploring the woods and riverbanks overlooked by Sliabhnamon inspired a love of nature and creativity, the influence of which is evident in her art. Her early career was in the beauty industry where she expressed her creative talent by specialising in nail artistry and make-up. She studied health promotion while continuing her career but it wasn’t until she was faced with a challenging time in her life that she decided to take a different direction and follow her lifelong passion for creativity. Her experiences encouraged her to look at life differently and to find the positives in every situation.

Treasa spent two years studying art, design and Silversmithing where she developed a particular love of ceramics and metalwork. Treasa has overcome adversity by taking inspiration from life’s challenges and channeling it into creating something of beauty. She is a strong believer that beauty and light can be found in the darkest of situations and translates these beliefs into her art. Treasa personally designs, creates and packages each unique and beautiful piece of wearable art jewellery in her brand Moetena Design.

Find Moetena Design at:










Ned Lonergan

Ned Lonergan, woodturner, sells his bowls, clocks and egg cups and other items at the Craft Granary. 
Ned came to wood turning through a developed interest from reading magazines that led him to buy his first lathe many years ago. Through trial and error from that beginning he has become the accomplished craftsman of today.
In his art he uses all naturally felled wood from within 5 miles of Cahir. Woods include ash, elm, beech, yew and whatever comes his way after a storm. One of his recent finds is an 800 year old yew tree. Through his craft he has given it an extended life in the beautiful objects he has made from it.
To view some more of Ned’s work visit his website:








Email:  or  Tel: 086 8309365

Mags Rudnicka

I have a big passion for painting. I paint every chance I get, which in today’s busy World is when the kids are in bed. It is a great way to Relax and forget the world.

I’m extremely lucky to be able to incorporate my passion for painting into all aspects of my life.

I love to paint on boxes or flower pots but my favorite always will be my Christmas Baubles.



Contact Me:

Vera Miklas

Vera Miklas makes modelling chocolate and novelty chocolates. Modelling chocolate also known as chocolate Chocolate Teddy Bearplaydough tastes so much better than sugarpaste as it is made from the finest Belgian chocolate. It’s used by professionals and home bakers for covering cakes, sculpting cakes or modelling cake toppers and flowers.
We also developed 3 modelling chocolate kits for children and we show them in step by step photo instructions how to make chocolate monkey, bear or lion that can be placed on birthday cake or cupcakes. They are ideal for budding chefs, childrens parties or as an activity on a rainy day.
We also organize chocolate making classes for individuals, groups and events so please feel free to ask if there is one in your area.
Visit our website for more information and also search for our other products like chocolate moulds, chocolate, freeze dried fruit and much more.

modelling Chocolate bars


making chocolate molds in the kitchen


chocolate cup cake

Visit our website for more information and also search for our other products like chocolate moulds, chocolate, freeze dried fruit and much more.

Sean Lonergan

Sean Lonergan, a man about town in Cahir, will be selling his handcrafted walking sticks, bowls and fairy toadstools at the Craft Fair this 15th December.
Sean’s love of learning, creating and making crafts keeps him busy.
You can find his work in the Craft Granary Shop, Cahir, Co. Tipperary throughout the year.



Hayley Dowling

I have two hobbies- Millinery and Cross Stitch! The cross stitch has been a life-long hobby for me, starting at a very early age upon guidance from my lovely Grandmother! I stitch anything from samplers to cushions and decorations!

Very recently, only in the last few months, I have also developed my skills in millinery and have been busy practicing with different forms, colours and materials. I gain inspiration from some fantastic Irish milliners and try to create hats which are elegant, bespoke, and have the wow factor!



















If you would like to view more of my work you can find me at: and

GG Designs

Hi my name is Gillian Tobin,

I live in the countryside not far from Cashel town. When I left school I went to Clonmel to do a portfolio course followed by two years in Crawford college in Cork.

I am now married with two children so art and crafts took a backseat in my life for a little while. I had an opportunity to go back and study design and metalsmithing for a year in the mall in Clonmel.

GG Designs started two years ago. I began making baby names as gifts for family and friends. I made them using all sorts of mixed media on canvas boards. Encouraged by the positive reaction they received, I set up the GG Designs Facebook page.

My designs have definitely progressed in the last two years. I now finish them off by presenting them in beautiful box frames. As well as the baby names I now have designs for every and all occasions.

I absolutely love making these frames especially when a customer wants me to add little personal details like poems, dates, lyrics or photographs.



Cluain Pottery.

The Craft Granary carries a range of Cluain Pottery in our shop.

Cluain Training & Enterprise Centre provides training, support and employment to enable people with mental health needs and/or acquired brain injury in South Tipperary to improve their quality of life through – living, working and integrating within their community to their full potential.

Cluain Training & Enterprise Centre,
Nelson Street,
T: 052-6125328


BobbiKate Children’s Clothing

My name is Catherine Bergin and I have been sewing from a very early age, I love to create my own unique designs. I created my own clothes from the age of 14 including jackets and suits for my brothers and dresses for my sisters.
BobbiKate Children’s Clothing
Special occasions have always ignited my creativity and I love making unique outfits for family and friends. I adore colour, and my designs blend wonderful cut with pattern and colour matching to make them stand out in the crowd.

I now specialise in Children’s clothes using classic design with stunning fabrics made in the heart of Ireland.

I offer a personalised service in a range of designs in an array of fabrics tailored to each individual’s requirements. Each outfit is made to your own measurements.



BobbiKate ClothingSwing Children’s ClothingChildren’s Clothing


If you would like to view more of my work please see or contact me on 087 287 5559


Aidan Smyth – Graphic Hurleys

Aidan has developed a new and innovative business in Cahir, Co. Tipperary of Graphic Hurleys.  This iswhere he does decorative woodburning designs in various sized hurleys.

Aidan studied Interior Architecture at Cork Institute of Technology and after working in America decided to come home.  He had heard the expression ‘the best way to find a job is create one’ and decided to create his own business where he could combine his love of making and art into an innovative product.  He uses Celtic, sporting and historical images burnt onto the hurleys to make a permanent and beautiful design.

He buys his hurleys from Johnny O’Brien in Cahir, the latest in a line of local hurley makers.  They are still made of the traditional ash.

His products are carried in the Craft Granary. If you don’t see something you like Aidan is able to custom make to any specific requirements you have.

Contact information:  Phone:  +353 – 085 759 9476   Email:






















Terry Brennan – Hats & Scarves

Terry Brennan, from County Tipperary, will be selling her beautiful hats and scarves at the Craft Fair. She has been knitting and crocheting for over 60 years. She learned her skill from her mother and grandmother. Through the Irish Countrywoman’s Association she has continued her learning so she is gifted at her craft.

Terry’s hats can be found year round at the Craft Granary Shop in Cahir.

beautiful handmade hats and scarves

handmade hats and scarves

hats and scarves handmade

beautiful hats and scarves

Terry’s hats can be found year round at the Craft Granary Shop in Cahir. 

If your a craftworker in the South East of Ireland and would like to be listed here please contact us, it’s free!